Our Tribe 

Our Tribe

Pilates One Instructors are passionate, conscious, loving individuals dedicated to guide you on your journey to Shift and Elevate Inside out.

All having over 15 years of experience in the Pilates field. Certified in our Pilates equipment and part of the Pilates Method Alliance; using their combined knowledge allows clients to receive the ultimate Pilates workout.



Hometown: Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

Before Pilates One: Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor and Healer to the Celebs in L.A.

Favorite Exercise: French Kickboxing “Savate”.

When I’m not teaching Pilates: Hanging out with my daughter Ella, working out, laughing with humans and community, traveling, being of service, life learner, and lover.

Guilty Pleasure: Pizza, Wine, Scooters.

Certifications: Mater Pilates Instructor “Lolita San Miguel Legacy”, PMA, EFI sports medicine, Chinese Medicine, Stott Reformer/Matt and CPR.


Hometown: Donna, Texas.

Before Pilates One: I was teaching public speaking/communication skills at a private university in Chicago.

Favorite Exercise: Laterals on the short box.

When I’m not teaching Pilates: I’m on the beach or at a happy hour.

Guilty Pleasure: Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup minis.

Certifications: Pilates Teacher through PhysicalMind Institute in Chicago. Currently completing the Fountain of Youth Pilates Certification through Pilathon (PMA coming soon), 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, master’s in occupational therapy, Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, Pilates for Neurological Conditions Certification.



Hometown: Miami, Florida.

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica.

Before Pilates One: I was a Spinning instructor and Mat Pilates teacher. I also was a bit of a competitive surfer.

Favorite Exercise: The Jackknife.

When I’m not teaching Pilates: I’m at the beach or dreaming of the beach.

Guilty pleasure: Sour candy!

Certifications: Stott Mat Pilates, Polestar Comprehensive and Pilathon trained. Soon to do my PMA exam.


Hometown: Miami, Florida.

Before Pilates One: I was a student, graduated from FIU with a degree in Biology and Economics. I had to choose between working on Virginia Key in Conservation Restoration or becoming a Pilates instructor… and here I am!

Favorite Exercise: It’s really hard to define! I love Ladder Barrel exercises and everything from the lateral series to Climb the Tree to Chest Expansion exercises and Rollovers! I can play on the Ladder Barrel all day long! When I’m not teaching Pilates: I’m either traveling, taking a nap, or doing Acro-yoga in the park. Guilty Pleasure: McDonald’s soft serve ice cream. I know, but it’s so good and reminds me so much of childhood.

Certifications: Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama.


Hometown: New Milford, Connecticut.

Before Pilates One: Marketing manager for Bal Harbour Shops, with a background in fashion design and merchandising.


Favorite Exercise: Tendon Stretch.

When I’m not teaching Pilates: I’m with my family, my twin toddlers and husband…preferably beachside!​

Guilty Pleasure: Spa days, wine, and frozen desserts.

Certifications: “Beyond the Basics” Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program, a PSAP Approved Pilates School of the PMA.


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