Jeannine Bergmann

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Master Trainer and Creator of Pilates One

Miami native and expert Pilates instructor Jeannine Bergmann, has devoted the last 16 years of her life to practicing and gaining experience in the world of Sports Massage Therapy and Chinese medicine.

After living in Los Angeles for 11 years, Bergmann decided to bring her expertise back to her hometown. In 2007, Bergmann opened her own Pilates studio in Coconut Grove, Florida called Pilates One. Now, one of the most well recognized studios in South Florida, Pilates One has been featured in Miami Magazine’s Best of 2010, Daily Candy, Ocean Drive, Florida International Magazine, ABC news, Distractions University of Miami, Jet Blue blog and NBC blog.

It was in Los Angeles where Bergmann established a well-known reputation while working with a vast list of celebrity clientele. Through sports therapy and Chinese medicine, Bergmann worked with A-list celebrities and athletes such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Mark Wahlberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Sinise, Pharrell Williams, LeBron James and Mario Chalmers, to name a few.

Bergmann is also the creator of Pilates One’s Circuit Pilates, a method that creatively infuses Pilates, weights and cardio into a well-rounded 55-minute workout. Targeting every muscle group, Circuit Pilates transforms your body, helping you achieve a lean and firm physique.

The method embraces all the techniques and training Bergmann has mastered throughout her 16 years of physical fitness experience, which include over 10 years of Martial Arts training, while specializing in Savate, a graceful form of kickboxing that originated in France. Bergmann also began training in the Stott Pilates Method. After receiving a certification in Gravity Pilates, she worked it into her method and it is now the main concentration of her innovative Circuit Pilates routine.

Jeannine Bergmann was a scholar of most respected First Generation Master Trainer Lolita San Miguel whom is also the last living First Generation Master trainer officially certified by Joseph Pilates.  After two years of intense training under the direction of Lolita San Miguel, Jeannine earned the title of Certified Second Generation Pilates Master Trainer.

An ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, a successful yoga and athletics wear company, Bergmann offers her knowledge about Pilates on behalf of the company.