Pilates Program Monthly



How long am I committed to this agreement?

You are required to commit to the auto renew monthly membership, strictly enforced for a period of 3 months to take advantage of this amazing deal.

How often will I be charged?

You will be charged $299 Monthly for 3 consecutive months.

What if my credit card is declined?

You will be charged an insufficient funds fee of $25 in addition to your Monthly dues.

Once I finish my 3 consecutive months what happens to the membership?

If you wish to stay on the monthly unlimited package after your 3 month contract has been completed, you will have to sign up for another 3 month commitment.

How do I cancel out of a class I have already signed up for?

You may sign out of a class 24 hours or prior to the date and time of the class you have signed up for. If you choose to opt within 24 hours before the class, you will be charged a $25 Late Cancel Fee.

What Do I need to do If I need to place my membership on Pause?

You are allowed to Pause your membership ONLY after you have completed the first 3 consecutive month contract. The pause can only be done once per 12 – month period. The administrative fee for the pause is $45 to reinstate the contract.