Group Classes

Pilates Banner Hard Core


Circuit Pilates Pilates One’s Signature Class which includes Pilates, Weights, and Cardio. 20 minutes cardio/35 minutes Pilates and weights. Burn between 500 to 700 calories!
Max 7 people
Reformer Pilates Traditional Pilates moves on the Reformer and Tower. Sculpting tools included! Allow your mind to control your body.
Max 7 people
2 -in- 1 Pilates Fusing the best of both worlds: Pilates One’s signature Circuit class and Traditional Pilates on the Reformer. Tone lengthen and strengthen.
Max 7 people
Kick-Box / Pilates If you are in search of a good sweat and toning your muscles, this is it! 20 minutes Kick Box and 35 minutes Pilates toning every muscle group in your body. Burn, Sweat and Tone!
Max 7 people


Kundalini Meditation
Kundalini Meditation is designed to raise complete mind/body awareness. A sense of well-being, calmness, and centeredness results, with a feeling of clarity and renewed energy. This practice brings inner awareness by efficiently and effectively cleansing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit through a sequence of precise, potent exercises, breathing and meditation.
Max 15 people